Technology Support

Public Workstations

The library has a total of twenty-eight (28) workstations located on the first floor, including twenty-four (24) Dell computers and four (4) Apple computers.

The computers are for use by students, staff, faculty and the general public. Priority will be given to members of the medical school community. Members of the medical school community should use their network account; members of the public should use the guest login.

Specialized Workstations

  • Eight Clinical (UMMHC) Computers
  • One accessible workstation with a wide curved monitor (210)
  • One standalone wide curved monitor with USB-C laptop connection available

Library Classroom

The library has one computer classroom containing:

  • One instructor workstation
  • Seventeen student workstations
  • Overhead projector
  • Laptop connection
  • Whiteboard

When the classroom is not in use for library instruction or meetings, the computers are available as public workstations.

Software on Public Workstations

All library workstations are equipped with Microsoft® Office Products, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and OneDrive. A list of additional library-supported applications is included below. All library computers are numbered. If there is not a specific computer listed please consult the key.

  • All numbers refer to workstation numbers
  • Numbers beginning with 4 are located in the computer classroom
Software TitleComputer
Adobe Pro/Creative Cloud (contains Acrobat, Adobe Express, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro)114, 210
CN3D Viewing Software412, 417, 421
EndNote X9 (Macintosh)All Macs
EndNote (Windows)116
EpiInfo411, 416, 420
GraphPad Prism111, 116, 210, 212
MendeleyAll PCs
SAS111, 112, 210, 212
SPSSAll PCs (5 concurrent users)
iWorkAll Macs
ZoomAll PCs
ZoteroAll PCs

Scanning Documents in the Library

The public printer can scan, which is the recommended scanning method. Instructions for using the public printer to scan documents

The library also has two scanning workstations available for public use:

  • Epson Perfection 4990
  • HP Scan Jet 8250

The scanning stations are equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop 7.0. At these scanning stations, users can scan documents or create original images, as well as convert documents to PDF format. Disc-burning capability is also available at these stations. "How-to" documents are available for each type of scanner.

Photocopying and Printing in the Library

Wireless Access and Signal Strength

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available through the UMMS, ummhc@umw, UMASSMED-GUEST, and eduroam wireless networks.

  • To access the UMMS or ummhc@umw wireless networks, you must have a Medical School or Clinical (UMMHC) system network account. Through these networks, University students, faculty and staff will receive robust access to internal UMass Chan network resources.
  • The UMASSMED-GUEST wireless network provides non-encrypted internet access for guests. The guest network is separate from the UMMS or UMW networks and firewalled to protect school resources. This network is intended for guests of the medical school only.
  • Visitors from participating EDUROAM institutions may use the eduroam network by logging in with their respective institution’s credentials.

More information on UMass Chan Medical School's wireless network can be found at:

Signal Strength

Due to the access point locations, book stacks, and thick library walls, signal strength is the strongest on the library's first floor. The signal is the weakest on the second and third floors along the outer walls. If you are experiencing problems with the wireless network, please report the problem to the library staff.

Charging Devices

Please ask a library staff member at the desk if you would like to borrow a charger for your laptop or mobile phone.

The library has Apple 30-pin USB cables and chargers for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (larger, older type connector). We also have 8-pin lightning USB cables (smaller, newer type connector.)

In addition, we have a variety of chargers for mobile phones, Dell laptops, and other laptops. Due to the wide variation of connections on mobile phones and laptops, we cannot guarantee we have a charger for your specific device.

UMass Chan IT Portal

The UMass Chan IT portal is your one-stop shop for submitting Help Desk tickets, requesting help with accounts, and browsing the IT knowledge Base for information on the many applications and systems available at UMass Chan.