Library Renovation Projects

Check here for information and updates.

Skylight Replacement Project (June-August 2021)

Starting July 2021, the three skylights situated above the main seating section of the Library (curved couch, large tables, and outside the computer classroom) will be replaced. Scaffolding and safety barriers will be installed in July, and work is expected to continue into mid-August. All three skylights will be removed and reinstalled with a new energy efficient skylight system.

Due to the nature of this construction, there will be significant noise at times in the Library. There will be reduced seating on the first floor, some study carrels will not be accessible, and the round staircases leading to the second and third floor will not be available for use. Accommodations will be made at alternate locations on campus to provide quiet study spaces. Daily work will begin early and is expected to be completed by mid-afternoon. Daily construction information and noise levels will be posted at the Library’s entrance. As the start date nears and work progresses, important information will be communicated through the Library website, on LSL NOW, and by Twitter announcements.

Progress Updates

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out by email to Mary Piorun, Lamar Soutter Library Director or by phone at 508-856-2206.

2nd and 3rd Floor Renovation (July 2019-August 2020)

For many years, the Lamar Soutter Library has been moving from a primarily print book and journal collection to primarily an electronic collection. This has come about as technology continues to alter how health information is accessed and used. Amidst these changes, the Library continues to be used as a gathering place for study, course work, exam preparation, and collaboration for students and as a tool in meeting the instructional needs of faculty, researchers, and clinicians. The Library serves the diverse needs of more than 800 visitors each day.

Outreach to the UMMS Community

Over the last several years, the Library has continued to modify its holdings, keeping up with the most recent and relevant information. Because of the increase in the number of students we serve and the growing needs of UMMS and its clinical partner UMMHC, the Library continues to evolve in order to meet the future education, research, and space needs of its users. Beginning in September 2019, the library will be shifting the book and journal collections in order to provide additional study spaces and refreshed painted walls, carpeting and existing study areas. With your support through this transition, the Library will emerge as a modern, refreshed space central to campus information needs.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress throughout the semester via email, this web page, Twitter, and signage. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mary Piorun, Lamar Soutter Library Director, by email or at 508-856-2206.