Place Materials on Reserve in the Library

Please note: Only faculty and instructors may place material on reserve.

You must complete the Reserve Request Form for each title. If you are requesting that the Library purchase material for its collection, please fill out the Purchase Request form.

  • Bring the material for reserve, along with the completed Reserve Request Form, to the Library Service Point.
  • Two copies of the same book title may be placed on reserve. If space becomes limited, that number may be adjusted.
  • The instructor is responsible for satisfying copyright law.
  • We make every effort to process reserve material within 24 hours.
  • We do not accept an instructor's personal copy of a book for reserve. Please contact Vivian Okyere at 508-856-2080.
  • Articles and handouts should be scanned to Bb Learn.

We encourage all teaching staff to come to the Library Service Point to evaluate what is currently on permanent reserve in your subject area. Your expertise will help us keep our core reserve collection current.

Reserve Request Form

Note: Materials not picked up at the end of the course may be discarded.

Who is the Instructor?
What is the Course and the Reserve Material?
Format of the item
Number of items
Who is the Contact Person (if different from Instructor)?