Apply for a Barcode

UMass Chan/UMMHC faculty, staff, and students should complete the form below. Other users should call the Library at 508-856-6099 for instructions.

Upon completing and submitting this application, library staff will verify your eligibility and assign a barcode. Your barcode number will be sent to you at the email address you have provided. Processing time could take up to 1 business day.

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I agree:
  • To be responsible for any material borrowed from the Lamar Soutter Library
  • Not to share my library barcode number with any person(s) or entity
  • That failure to comply to these policies may result in loss of library privileges
To protect your account consider doing the following:
  • Keep your barcode and password secure
  • Do not share your credentials
  • Be aware that unsecured Wi-Fi has no encryption or security
  • Change your password regularly