LSL Artist-in-Residence Series Presents: Student Art Showcase d8_admin Wed, 05/15/2024 - 11:12

Our new Artist-in-Residence exhibit, the Student Art Showcase, is on display in the Lamar Soutter Library now through July 2024.

The Student Art Showcase combines pieces created by medical students enrolled in the Art for the Physician Optional Enrollment Elective (OEE) and pieces created by GSBS student Serena David.

Please reach out to Rebecca Drouhard if you are interested in displaying your artwork in the library.

LSL Artist-in-Residence Series Presents: "The Invisible Wounds of War Made Visible"

Monday, June 5, 2023 - 10:34

Our new Artist-in-Residence Series exhibit, "The Invisible Wounds of War Made Visible," is on display now through August.

This exhibit is designed to bring community awareness to the experiences of Service Members from the Home Base Program. Home Base treats Veterans, Service Members and Family Members affected by invisible wounds, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, mild cognitive impairment due to traumatic brain injury, substance abuse disorders and related conditions.

Service Members are asked to create masks based on these questions:

LSL Artist-in-Residence Series Presents: Community: Student Photographs

Friday, March 24, 2023 - 14:29

Our new Artist-in-Residence Series exhibit, "Community: Student Photographs," is on display now through April 21st.

The pieces in the exhibit were created by UMass Chan students and curated by members of the UMass Chan Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). GHHS is a national organization dedicated to supporting humanism within the practice of medicine. The UMass Chan chapter of GHHS created a photography competition to collect art from UMass Chan community members as a way of exploring the various definitions of community.