Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - 08:12

Our new Artist-in-Residence exhibit, “Science Illuminated: An Artistic Exploration” is on display in the Lamar Soutter Library now through April 2024.

"Science Illuminated: An Artistic Exploration" combines science and art, featuring compelling scientific imagery from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology (BMB) department. These visuals unveil the beauty within molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, virology, etc., offering a novel perspective on scientific discovery. The exhibition includes 28 canvas prints contributed by various scientists within the BMB department, incorporating a range of media from digitalized pencil drawings and microscopy images to 3D digital renderings. Its primary objective is to celebrate the splendor and fascination intrinsic to science. Our daily inspiration derives from the worlds of science and nature, motivating us to share this passion with our community.

The pieces can also be viewed online.

Please reach out to Rebecca Drouhard if you are interested in displaying your artwork in the library.

Image of crystals from artist exhibit