A Broader View (ABV)
Program Description

A Broader View has projects in a range of fields across the globe, including hospital and clinic work as well as research and clinical efforts focused on HIV/AIDS, public health, orphanage healthcare, community development, education, and human rights.

Time Commitment

Countries Served

  • Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala
  • Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile
  • Cambodia, China, Nepal, India, Vietnam
  • Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia

Types of Opportunities

  • Project focuses range from medical, dental, HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs, orphanage/child care, community development, teaching and education, language and cultural immersion
  • Volunteers may assist in hospitals and clinics or work with community health workers
  • Trip lengths can range from 1-12 weeks, depending on the preference of the participant 

Expected Costs


  • No requirements, though language proficiency may help