Friday, October 7, 2022 - 16:51

You are invited to attend the inaugural event of The Unsolved Pathologies Coffee House; a series of stories and conversations in medicine and science from trainees here at the UMass Chan Medical School on Thursday, October 20 at 6:30pm.

What: This program is a celebration of UMass Chan trainees and their passionate pursuit of better disease treatment and care. The evening brings together a clinical student and a graduate student with common interests to talk about their work. The final 20 minutes of the evening are dedicated to questions and discussion focused on advancing care and promoting new therapeutic approaches. The goals of the evening are...

  • Highlighting the hard work, dedication, and innovation of UMass Chan trainees.
  • Building collaborations and friendships within the UMass Chan community.
  • Generating thoughtful discussion on advancing care and treatment

Event Details:

Who: All members of the UMass Chan community are invited

When: Thursday, October 20th 2022

Time: 6:30 - 7:30PM

Location: Main foyer of the Lamar Soutter Library (we are excited to offer an in-person event as long as it aligns with UMass Chan Medical School guidelines. Masking requirements will also follow UMass Chan guidelines. The event will be transitioned to a virtual format if guidelines change before the event).

RSVP (optional):

This event is designed and supported by a collaboration among the Gold Humanism Honor Society, The Lamar Soutter Library, and the offices of the Dean of the UMass Chan Medical School and the Dean of Educational Affairs.

An RSVP is not required to attend but will help the coordinators make sure that there are enough seats, coffee (and tea!), and snacks for all. You can also sign-up through the RSVP link to receive calendar notifications, program updates, and information about future events.

Please come support your classmates, hear from your colleagues, and talk together about important ideas for better care and treatment of the unsolved pathologies.

Poster with coffee cup and headshots of Hannah Caringal and Mariana Noto Guillen and text: The Unsolved Pathologies Coffee House at UMass Chan Medical School. Thursday, October 20th, 6:30pm, Lamar Soutter Library. Conversations about the gut microbiome in disease and treatment with... Hannah Caringal MD Candidate, Class of 2023, Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Story in the Making, and Mariana Noto Guillen, PhD Candidate, Mitchell Lab, Department of Systems Biology, Uncovering the impact of non-antibiotic drug