Friday, August 16, 2019 - 09:27

Exhibiting September 3 – October 30, 2019

“One day, long ago, RNA learned how to move, and so life began.” Harry Noller

Angela Messmer-Blust brings to the Artist in Residence Series an exhibit that "illustrates the breadth of research that the RTI is undertaking, developing novel therapies for which RNA is the therapeutic target or modality in pathologies from pregnancy complications to neurodegenerative diseases."  On display are 12 images crafted via microscopy, with an outcome that shows striking molecular and cellular imagery. What each image represents, which is most remarkable, is the collaboration between the scientific and clinical research communities here at UMMS that are dedicated to finding cures through biological discoveries. And with this exhibit we get a glimpse into that process.The Art of RNA

Contributing imagery to The Art of RNA exhibit are: siRNA Highway, Socheata Ly, Anastasia Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute (image shown); RIBO-cop, Andrei Korostelev, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Spread your chromosomes and multiply, Cansu Colpan, Phillip Zamore Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Making the cut, Wen Xue, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Thanks for the memories, Julia Alterman, Anastasia Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Preeclampsia, Anton Turanov, Anastasia Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Seeing Diabetes More Clearly, Selene Flemming, David Grunwald, RNA Therapeutics Institute; You move me, Julia Alterman, Chantal Ferguson, Anastasia Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute; Sense or Antisense?, Mike Moazami, Jonathan Watts Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute.