Monday, November 19, 2018 - 11:08

Altmetric badges are appearing everywhere! On journal websites, UMass Profiles, department websites, and other online locations. But how do you see all the Altmetric badges for yourself or your department all in one location and look at the details of who is talking about your research? The solution: Altmetric Explorer for Institutions!

In January 2018, the Lamar Soutter Library, in cooperation with UMMS IT, added Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) to the resources available to the UMass Medical Community through the library. Altmetric EFI is a database of altmetrics, which are indicators of online attention that complement traditional citation-based metrics. Altmetric indicators can include news, blogs, policy documents, patents, social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and F1000, and other academic and popular media. This new tool can show which research is being discussed and where but also provides alerts, so users can monitor when research has been highlighted in the news or goes viral on social media. On top of viewing the attention garnered by UMMS research, Altmetric EFI can also be used to keep abreast of conversations on an area of scientific research across social media and other forms of digital media. One of Altmetric EFI’s newest features is to export data from searches as a JSON API to display impact highlights on personal and departmental websites.

UMMS Community members can explore Altmetric EFI as a guest but need to create an account to save searches, create reports, use the API, and receive alerts. The verified UMMS authors and departments are made possible because of a data feed from UMass Profiles provided by UMMS IT. This data is currently being updated monthly, but a UMass Profiles API is being developed to facilitate updates on a more frequent basis. If you have any questions or would like assistance creating a personalized search or report for yourself or your department, please contact Tess Grynoch, Lisa Palmer, or Sally Gore. If you’re interested in what the world is saying about your research, check out Altmetric Explorer for Institutions


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