Friday, January 26, 2018 - 11:00

Lamar Soutter Library, in cooperation with UMMS IT, is happy to announce that Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) is now available to the UMMS community!

Altmetric EFI Article Details

Altmetric EFI is a database of altmetrics—indicators of online attention—for research published by UMMS faculty authors. Altmetric indicators can include discussion on peer review platforms (IE: F1000), commentary on social media, citations in non-journal sources such as policy documents, and more. 

Using the Altmetric EFI, faculty can now document the impact of their research with measures that complement traditional, citation-based scholarly performance indicators. The publication data that feeds the UMMS Altmetric EFI instance comes from UMMS Profiles (last updated on January 22, 2018).

UMMS community members can explore the Altmetric EFI as a guest, but must create an account in order to save searches and create alerts and reports. Visit to learn more about this tool. 

For questions about research impact metric and the Altmetric EFI, or for training requests, contact Lisa Palmer ( or Tess Grynoch (