Oration from 1996

Oration Title:

Radiology: 100 Years Old and Where To Next?


Murray L. Janower, M.D.

Abstract of Oration:

Dr. Janower describes the accidental discovery of the X-ray in 1895. He also chronicles the expanding use of X-rays worldwide, and especially in Worcester. The carcinogenic effects of X-rays and radioactivity were discovered early in their use. X-rays allowed for further procedures to be developed, such as cardiac catheterization, and later CAT and MRI scans and ultrasounds. Janower describes the exciting new radiological technologies on the horizon and how they will especially revolutionize cancer treatment. Clearly, Dr. Janower is excited about the future of radiology and the as yet incomprehensible possibilities it lends to disease treatment and management in the future.

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