Oration from 1995

Oration Title:

Problems Faced by Physicians in The Worcester District: Then and Now


Ralph C. Monroe, M.D.

Abstract of Oration:

Dr. Monroe looks at the issues faced by Society members at the turn of the century. For each of the broad topics he provides excerpts from papers, generally annual orations, addressing the specific concern. He then turns to the present day and identifies the main issues facing modern physicians. The first is the increasing amounts of paperwork necessary for doctors to work their way through today's extensive bureaucracy of medical compensation. Next, Monroe addresses the detriments of managed care to healthcare. Malpractice is an important issue for today's doctors. Although the Massachusetts Medical Society passed significant malpractice reform, more is needed, and the challenge to doctors is to convince the lay legislature of this necessity. The prospect of publicly accessible physician personal data also concerns today's doctors. The Federal Government is a definite threat to the security of medical practice. Not everyone has access to medical care and fees go up, denying it to that many more Americans. Most significantly, though, the government cuts medical funding frequently. Dr. Monroe calls on doctors to lead the way in healthcare reforms such as those mentioned above. Like his predecessors of a century ago, Monroe calls on his colleagues to unite and fight "to help prevent destruction of medical care as we know it in the name of better health-care delivery."

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