Oration from 1968

Oration Title:

Some Newer Concepts Concerning an Old Disease


Roger W. Robinson, M.D.

Abstract of Oration:

Dr. Robinson and his colleagues Ivan and Lydia Likar performed experiments on atherosclerosis induced in lab animals and occurring naturally in animals and humans. He describes the ways in which the anatomy and physiology of cows are similar to humans and therefore make them good models for the disease in humans. Of the three etiology hypotheses of atherosclerosis, he and his team chose to work on Virchow's theory of the disease manifesting itself in the ground substance of the arteries. He describes the fundamentals of this concept, then the ground substance itself. His descriptions of the properties, characteristics, and interactions of ground substance with surrounding cells are very detailed and scientific. The entire paper is an in-depth account of a very scientific study on atherosclerosis and their findings fit with their initial hypothesis.

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