Oration from 1909

Oration Title:

A Report of Five Cases of Affections of the Pancreas


Michael F. Fallon, M.D.

Abstract of Oration:

Dr. Fallon relates five pancreatic cases he recently encountered while working at St. Vincent's hospital. "Three of these were cases of acute gangrenous pancreatitis; one, a chronic pancreatitis, and one an accessory pancreas." Each is a standard pathological report. He relates the symptoms and previous overall health of the patient prior to hospital admittance and surgery. Fallon then describes the surgery performed and its findings. He concludes with a description of the patient's post-operative recovery and subsequent recurring symptoms.

After descriptions of the first three cases, those with gangrenous pancreatitis, he compares the three and points out similarities such as the fact that all had gall-stone colic. Dr. Fallon also adds other details of his diagnosis and treatment processes such as giving olive oil to two of the cases to test for fat in the feces.

In his conclusion of these three cases, Fallon states that surgical removal of gall stones, if done early enough, should cure the pancreatitis. Fallon's paper is a concise, interesting, and informative study of pancreatic ailments.

Source Material: 1908-1909 WDMS Yearbook

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