About the Children's Health Information Center

The Lamar Soutter Library Children's Health Information Center, formerly known as the Pediatric Family Resource Library, was developed through collaboration between the University of Massachusetts Medical School Lamar Soutter Library and UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center. The library opened in January 2002 with grant funding from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center is the only major tertiary care pediatric medical service in Central Massachusetts.

Parents need knowledge and information about their child's health, and access to medical literature is a high priority for families. This knowledge gives families a sense of control and can help them become active partners with their health care providers.

The center has a comprehensive collection of books, pamphlets, and audiovisual materials. Books and videos can be borrowed for three weeks.

Experienced medical library staff provide reference service for the patients, their families and their health care providers at the Children's Medical Center. Patrons can request information by calling or emailing us. We do Internet searches, MEDLINE and other database searches, obtain articles from the medical school library, and locate needed materials, books, and videotapes. We provide Internet training for those families who request it.

The library also received funding from a subcontract from the Regional Medical Library and a contract from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. This funding enabled the library to purchase additional materials.