Tuesday, September 6, 2022 - 16:55

The next R Café gathering will take place on Thursday, September 15 from 3-4pm on Zoom. Registration is now open. 

This month's agenda:

  • Troubleshooting. Bring your questions! (15 minutes)
  • Creating your own functions and keeping your code DRY (don't repeat yourself) (Instructor: Carl Hollins, III) (45 minutes)

No prior experience with R required.

To follow along with the demonstration, you will need to download R and RStudio prior to the gathering. We recommend following Library Carpentry’s instructions for downloading R and RStudio, https://librarycarpentry.org/lc-r/setup.html. If you are using an UMass Chan computer, you will need to contact IT for administrative permissions to download RStudio. However, downloading R and RStudio prior to the gathering is entirely optional.

If you have any questions, please contact the R Café co-hosts, Ben Gerber (ben.gerber@umassmed.edu) and Tess Grynoch (tess.grynoch@umassmed.edu).

R Café September Gatherings On Zoom, September 15 at 3 to 4 pm. Image of laptop with R Café logo next to a coffee with whipped topping and leaves.