Best Practices (Experience-Based)

Public health programs, interventions, and policies that have been evaluated, shown to be successful, and have the potential to be adapted and transformed by others working in the same field.

United States

  • CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator Database of Interventions (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) – Database of interventions that work in four action areas for the greatest impact on community health: socioeconomic factors, physical environment, health behaviors, and clinical care.
  • Center of Excellence for Training and Research Translation (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) – Interventions and strategies on preventing and controlling obesity, heart disease and stroke, and other chronic diseases through nutrition and physical activity.
  • Model Practice Database (National Association of County and City Health Officials) – Collection of projects from around the United States highlighting successful public health projects.
  • Promising Practices Network (RAND Corporation) – Collection of summaries of successful projects, programs and practices addressing the needs of children and youth.
  • Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) (National Cancer Institute) – Searchable database of cancer control interventions and program materials that have been shown to be effective, published in a peer-reviewed journal, and reviewed by a panel of experts in the field.
  • Stories in Public Health (Association of State and Territorial Health Officials) – Collection of stories that highlight promising and useful practices and implementation strategies developed by state and territorial health agencies.


  • Canadian Best Practices Portal (Public Health Agency of Canada) – Compendium of community interventions related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion that have been evaluated, shown to be successful, and have the potential to be adapted and replicated by other health practitioners working in similar fields.