Laptops and Wireless Network

Laptops and Wireless Network


The library has a number of laptops for loan from the library's Circulation desk. All laptops circulate for one week.

Laptops are either a Dell 830, Dell E6410, or Dell E6400. Accessories include: DVD player, 3-hour battery, AC adaptor, internal wireless card, and carrying case. Please note: the Dell 830 laptops cannot be used with a projector.

Each laptop has Microsoft® Office and is pre-configured to access the UMass Medical School's wireless network.

Please refer to the Laptop Loan Program page for eligibility and a detailed circulation policy.

Wireless Network

Access Points

The library has 5 access points on the 1st floor (4 on the main floor and 1 in the Rare Book Room), 3 on the second floor, and 3 on the third floor.

Speed and Coverage

Currently the network is supporting the IEEE 802.11b Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) standard. The basic network transmission rate is 11 Mbps. Wireless a, b, and g cards may also be used. Each access point provides wireless coverage for a radius of about 100 feet.

Signal Strength

Due to the access point locations, book stacks, and thick library walls, signal strength is the strongest on the library's first floor. The signal is the weakest on the second and third floors along the outer walls. If you are experiencing problems with the wireless network, please report the problem to the library staff.

Accessing the UMMS or UMW Wireless Networks

In order to access the wireless network you must have a Medical School or Clinical (UMMHC) system network account.

Guest Network

Wireless access on UMMS or UMW is available ONLY to those with school or clinical accounts. A guest network is available for patrons who bring their own laptops. The required password will display on the disclaimer that appears when the outside patron opens a browser. The guest network is separate from the UMMS or UMW networks and firewalled to protect school resources. This network is intended for guests of the medical school only. University students, faculty and staff who need more robust access to internal UMMS network resources should continue to use one of the encrypted wireless network named "UMMS" or "UMW."

More information on the wireless network can be found on the UMMS Intranet at:

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