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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Website Implementation Team (2006)


Len Levin (Co-Chair), Robert Vander Hart (Co-Chair), Lisa Palmer (Champion), Penny Glassman, Kerry Mayotte, Judy Nordberg


This team will build on the work of the 2005/2006 Website Redesign Team to implement the approved model seven. By July 25, 2006 the team will report their status to the Management Team. Their report should address the following elements: the percentage of content available (home page, second and third level pages); the "must haves" that are complete; and what's still missing. The Management Team will decide whether the formal launch will take place at the beginning of the August 2006 or January 2007 semester based on the status report.

This team is further charged with developing and implementing a formal process for continuous review of the website after it goes live. The focus is the Library home page, not the Library's other web resources. The team will function as an Editorial Board to:

  • Assess and evaluate the website on an ongoing basis
  • Discuss and resolve issues
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for web-based projects
  • Develop processes and guidelines for future content submission
  • Define tools and training needs
  • Act as a sounding board for the developer

In the final report, the team is asked to evaluate its model of continuous review and recommend the future composition and activities of the Editorial Board. Questions to address include: Are policies needed to determine representation from each department and terms of appointments? How does staff express an interest in serving on the board? Should members continue to be appointed by their department heads and selected for their expertise?