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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Website Advisory Board Pilot (2007)


Len Levin (Co-Chair), Robert Vander Hart (Co-Chair), Lisa Palmer (Champion), Penny Glassman, Kerry Mayotte, Judy Nordberg


This team is charged with developing and implementing a formal process for continuous review of the new website now that it is in post-launch phase. The focus is the Library website rather than individual electronic resources and the integrated library system.

The team will first develop a recommendation for the structure, functions, and policies and procedures of a permanent Website Advisory Board. The recommendation will address:

  • Board charter, including structure, bylaws, responsibilities, policies, reporting structure, scope, etc.
  • Board membership and terms of appointment
  • How departments will be represented
  • Whom the Board serves (Developer? Management team? Library staff?)
  • Models for continuous review and methods for evaluation
  • Pros and cons of the recommended model
  • Functions of the Board, including:
    • Assessing and evaluating the website on an ongoing basis
    • Discussing and resolving issues
    • Conducting usability testing
    • Serving as a clearinghouse for web-based projects that fall within its scope
    • Developing processes and guidelines for future content submission
    • Defining tools and training needs
    • Acting as a sounding board for the developer

Following the recommendation, the team will then operate as the de-facto new Advisory Board for six months, to test the recommended structure and policies. The final report to the Management Team due in December 2007 will discuss the results of the pilot with proposed changes, pros and cons, and suggestions for moving forward with a January 1, 2008 implementation.