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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Web Site Team (2005-2006)


Len Levin (Co-Chair), Robert Vander Hart (Co-Chair), Jane Fama (Champion), Dorothy Barr, Penny Glassman, Nancy Harger, Kerry Mayotte, Judy Nordberg, Lisa Palmer


The charge of the Web Team is to propose a new design and content for an updated Library website. The proposal to the Management Team will include at the very least the following elements:

  • Content organization;
  • Formatting recommendations;
  • Look and feel recommendations;
  • Navigation/site structure recommendations;
  • Results of usability testing;
  • Results of focus groups;
  • An evaluation plan including a periodic evaluation and update schedule;
  • A discussion of other library website designs (specifically libraries serving the top 25 medical schools);
  • Several possible models for the redesign specifying advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Team should provide sample pages of several models for the redesign along with an analysis of the models and a final recommendation as part of the written report. The report should also address findings from the elements listed above. However, implementation of a full new Library website will be a follow-up project and not expected of this team at this time. The Team should complete its charge by December 2005.