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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Staff Development Team on the Study of Change (2002-2003)


Pat Joyce (Chair), Deb Dulmaine-Coonan (Champion), James Comes, Vivian Frempong, Mary Piorun, Jennifer Varney


The staff development team for FY 2002-3 has been reinvented. When this team first came about, there was a need for staff training in computer applications since the library staff had just received new desktops, new office systems and a new ILS. Over time library staff have developed skills in these areas and the Reference Department offers regular classes that staff can attend. Last year, the team introduced some new classes with outside speakers and social activities outside the library. These activities were well-received. However, response to classes offered by library staff about computer applications was poor. Therefore, it is proposed that the Staff Development Team continue to exist but shift its focus to a theme: the study of change and develop a comprehensive program for staff to learn about change throughout the year. The staff development program about change could include videos, discussion groups, outside speakers, readings, multimedia, fun activities (like the spaghetti/marshmallow exercise), etc. Funds will be provided to sponsor these events upon receipt of a budget developed by the team. Staff interested in the topic of change, developing a curricular program on this topic, scheduling programs, finding speakers, and organizing groups are encouraged to volunteer.