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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Single Service Desk Implementation Team (2008)


James Comes (Co-chair), Jane Fama (Co-chair), Len Levin, Jeff Long, Kerry Mayotte, Judy Nordberg, Raquel Rivera, and Fran Williams


The Library Service Desk Implementation Team is charged to implement the model developed by the Single Service Desk (SSD) Planning Team. The team should use the SSD Planning Team report and the Reference addendum to the report as a guideline for implementation. Areas to address include:

  • Introducing Library Service Desk program to staff (process description overviews; question, answer and feedback sessions).
  • Developing and initiating staff training in coordination with the Levels Program.
  • Developing Desk Aids (e.g., tip sheets, quick reference notebook containing subject, database and resource guides, etc.).
  • Developing an outreach training request form.
  • Developing a transition or “hand-off” script to make the patron feel valued during the short wait for a reference librarian.
  • Coordinating the ordering of any budget-approved equipment, furniture, or inexpensive items needed; placing work orders for minor space reconfigurations.
  • Requesting computer relocations (wiring, etc.).
  • Planning patron awareness and promotional material.
  • Organizing display racks, handouts.
  • Overseeing Reference Desk “weeding” and relocation of computers and other items.
  • Testing pagers.
  • Setting up speed-dial at LSD phone(s).
  • Finalizing procedures at LSD.
  • Making decision about current reference desk phone number.
  • Determining where to load Sci-Finder as our license restricts usage to members of the UMass community and is limited to one user at a time.

Scheduling and space considerations will be handled by the Management Team (M.T.). Jim and Jane will act as liaisons to the M.T.