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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Social Issues Study Group/Team (2002-2003)


Kerry Mayotte (Chair), Barbara Ingrassia (Champion), Spiro Efstathiou, June Gasperski, Jean Hearns, Amanda Noe


The charge to the Social Group is to study the issues related to the social aspects of work life in the library such as what to do when people leave for other jobs; what to do when people retire; what to do when people are ill; what to do when family members of employees are ill or die; how to handle birthday/holiday parties, etc. Who or what group should coordinate these activities? How should money be handled? How should reports be generated? How can procedures be developed that are inclusive, fair, and equitable to everyone in the library? The group is asked to convene for six months, study the issues, find out what other libraries do, and make one or more recommendations to the Management Team. Library staff interested in studying these issues are encouraged to sign up for this team. The Team will be producing a report not an event or product per se.