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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Single Service Desk Pre-Planning Team (2006)


Mark Goldstein (Chair), Barbara Ingrassia (Champion), Cecile Bianco, Matt Clark, Vivian Frempong, Sally Gore, Jean Hearns, Jeff Long


The team is charged with researching the single service desk concept in order to answer specific questions posed by the Management Team. To answer the questions, the team will review the literature, identify academic libraries that have adopted a single service desk, and investigate issues including functionality of the service, training needs, staffing needs, responsibilities, patron services, transition phase, etc. Initial questions from the Management Team are listed in this charge. Additional questions may be fed to the team throughout the process. In addition, the team will identify the concerns of the LSL staff using multiple communication methods, i.e. surveys, meetings, blogs, etc. The team will produce a report outlining staff concerns and addressing each M.T. question. The team is asked to report findings, not to develop a conclusion or recommendation. The report is due on December 1, 2006.