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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Seamless Service Team (2005)


Robert Vander Hart (Chair), Jane Fama (Champion), Dorothy Barr, Matt Clark, John Hemenway, Marianne Siener, Fran Williams


The charge to the Seamless Service Team is to identify what it will take to make the library's services seamless to its primary clientele. In other words: What is seamless service? A definition of seamless service should form the basis of the goals: referrals without hitches; patron-directed; staff-directed; in-person; electronic; personalized service, etc. These types of services may become the goals. The team should consider multiple approaches for providing seamless service: the several possible ways to provide electronic, in-person, single service desk, personalization, one-stop shopping, etc. that would ensure improved, convenient, easy to use library services. These become the multiple objectives attached to specific goals. The team should create goals and objectives that ensure quality and consistent service that is seamless (doesn't require patrons to jump through lots of hoops to get what they need). An example of a goal (the what) may be: 1. To propose customer service standards. An example of an objective (the how) related to this goal might be: 1. Survey other health sciences libraries to determine their customer service standards.