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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Remodel Follow-up Task Force (2002-2003)


Deanna Lucia (Chair and Champion), Jenn Cederberg, Harvey Fenigsohn, Joe Guarini, Nancy Harger, John Hemenway, Mary Piorun


Each department will be asked to volunteer one member to the Remodel Follow-up Task Force. The charge to the Task Force will be to spend the next year identifying problems or spaces that have not been finished or furniture that was damaged or delivered incorrectly, etc. as a result of the remodel project. These will be placed on a punch list that will be reviewed by Deanna Lucia and Deb O'Donnell on a regular basis. The Task Force will also look at library aesthetics such as art and plants and make recommendations. The Task Force will work with Deanna on signage. The Task Force will be responsible for updating the Library Staff Bulletin Board space. The Task Force will make recommendations regarding use of the storage cabinets across from Gov Docs, placement of carts, traffic flow in the back, noise levels in the back, etc.