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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Outreach & Education Team (1998-1999)


Peg Spinner (Chair), James Comes (Champion), Ellen Barry, Karen Cangello, Kelly McManus, Spiro Efstathiou, Gael Evans, Harvey Fenigsohn


Develop a proposal for outreach programs for the UMass community keeping in mind target groups, their information needs, services to be offered, and personnel, equipment, and budgetary requirements to fulfill the goals of the proposal.

  1. Inform the UMass community about The Lamar Soutter Library, its physical organization and its services; issue a library map; develop and release marketing materials for the library including a brochure that describes The Lamar Soutter Library's collections and services; plan and host a library open house; advertise Endeavor, the library's new integrated library system.
  2. Inquire of the UMass community what they think about the library and what services they would like to see offered by the library; open the Suggestion Box and record the suggestions and make recommendations regarding any action to be taken; develop and conduct a survey, compile and analyze the survey results, and use this information as a basis for planning of further outreach activities.