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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Organic Library/Staff Team (2005)


Kerry Mayotte (Chair), James Comes (Champion), Donna Berryman, Cecile Bianco, Bobbie Brooke, June Gasperski, Nancy Peterson


Organic is defined as interdependent, alive, interconnected, and ever changing or evolving. The organic library staff think holistically about information problems.

The organic library acknowledges the interdependence of library departments and the need for library staff in all areas to be moving in the same direction. However, the environment we work in today will not be the same tomorrow, next month or in three years.

This team is asked to reflect on the future of the library, i.e. how our primary clientele will be using the library; how external forces will affect the library, and relate these issues to staff development. The team should answer the questions: How does the LSL provide a continuous, shared learning environment for all staff? How do we promote a holistic philosophy where we recognize that what affects one department affects everyone?

An example of a goal is: To develop staff in all areas of the library who can respond to the information needs of the primary clientele of the library of the future.

An example of an objective is: To develop a list of core competencies. This includes identifying skills and attitudes. It does not include knowing how to do the specifics of a job. For example, a core competency may be "ability to learn," not "know how to check out books."