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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Medical School Curriculum Task Force (2002-2003)


James Comes (Chair and Champion), Gael Evans, Jeff Long, Nancy Peterson, Hathy Simpson, Peg Spinner


Following the model of last year's Research Task Force, the Medical School Curriculum Task Force is charged with making recommendations on how the library can better integrate itself into the Medical School curriculum in response to the talk given by Dr. Michelle Pugnaire at the library retreat. The Task Force may want to talk to other medical school faculty, other librarians on how they integrate themselves into curricular activities, may want to do a literature search, etc. The Task Force is asked to submit a report to the Management Team by June 2003. It may recommend some quick fixes (e.g. developing a web site on bioterrorism or other hot topic), the purchase of books in a particular subject area for which our collection is weak (e.g. women's health), as well as more long-term solutions (e.g. development of a mini-clerkship on EBM in public health).