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Government Documents Deselection Task Force (2003)


Bobbie Brooke (Chair), Barbara Ingrassia (Champion), Gael Evans, Robert Vander Hart


The Government Documents Deselection Task Force will begin work immediately to drastically reduce the LSL's Selection Rate of FDLP items. The goal is to reduce the selection rate from the present 33% (LSL's 24% + Clark's 9%) to 20% (LSL's 11% + Clark's 9%). The 11% selection rate for the LSL would be closer to the average for depository libraries of our size and mission.

The Leader and Champion will initiate discussions with selective housing site Clark University to terminate the selective housing agreement and explore other options for Clark to obtain FDLP materials.

The task force will work toward this goal by implementing the processes outlined on pages 3-4 ("Ways to Reduce the Selection Rate") of the March 2003 Government Documents Task Force Report. The Item Selection Profile (10%) for the Todd Wehr Library at the Medical College of Wisconsin (the only other free-standing medical library in the FDLP) will serve as an important tool as well. Other methods may be discussed and implemented, as appropriate.

The Government Documents Deselection Task Force will report its progress at the Library's All-Staff meeting in June, 2003.