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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Plan Team (2004-2005)


Amanda Noe (Chair), Deb Dulmaine-Coonan (Champion), Lonelyss Charles, Matt Clark, Janet Dadoly, June Gasperski, Joe Guarini, Paul Julian


The Charge of the Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Plan Team is to develop a comprehensive, written plan addressing the Library's response to disasters, emergencies, etc. Disasters include but are not limited to those emergencies related to weather, fire, public emergencies, library physical plant operations failures, health-related emergencies, or any unexpected community-wide emergency event. The plan should address implications for the Library's collections, users, staff and facilities. The Team should investigate collaboration with other UMMS groups who may be developing campus-wide emergency preparedness response. Such groups include but are not limited to: EOO, Public Safety, the Hospital, and the Office of Health and Environmental Safety. The Team may also want to consult outside library groups such as ALA and those libraries involved in 911 crises responses. The plan should include:

  • Various scenarios;
  • Appropriate responses;
  • A future training plan for Library staff.

Any estimated costs related to appropriate responses and training should also be included in the plan. The Team should complete its work by December 2005.