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Library Strategic Plan, April 2006

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Collaboration/Partnerships Team (2005)


Penny Glassman (Chair), Mary Piorun (Champion), Deb Dulmaine-Coonan, Sally Gore, Nancy Harger


The team will investigate opportunities for the Lamar Soutter Library to partner with outside organizations and with internal departments (in areas outside the curriculum) with the goal of providing new services and resources for our primary clientele as well as increased use of existing services and resources. The team will:

  1. Identify potential partners and potential projects. Possible partners include but are not limited to, consortia, school administration, researchers, other UMass campuses, and other area schools. An example of a goal may be: To leverage library services and resources to support department initiatives at UMass Medical School and at UMass Memorial. An example of an objective is: To develop a plan for identifying initiatives and keeping up-to-date on what's going on in the school and the hospital.
  2. Investigate how we might initiate collaboration. The team may want to explore goals and objectives surrounding these questions: Is there an art to forming collaborative efforts? What are LSL's strengths for partnering? What are LSL's weaknesses? What are the benefits to LSL? What are the benefits to the partner? How can the library communicate its partnership opportunities and its willingness to partner?

The team may want to address expanded staff roles and training needed to facilitate library collaboration.