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Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

Acquisitions/Financial Task Force (2004)


Deb Dulmaine-Coonan (Co-Chair), Barbara Ingrassia (Co-Chair), Marianne Brophy, Janet Dadoly, Cheryl Lavallee, Clare Nelson


As of January 2004, Voyager Acquisitions has been utilized by the LSL Acquisitions Department for about four years and the LSL Financial Office has been using PeopleSoft and ProCards for one and one-half years, along with the shadow ACCESS database. It seems that this is the appropriate time to do the following:

  • Evaluate internal processes and workflow between the two departments and among the three systems.
  • Standardize policies and procedures between the two departments.
    • For example: how to record shipping charges;
    • Create consistent definitions and classifications for collection materials.
  • Work to identify and eliminate duplication of effort and documentation between the two departments.
  • Evaluate some of our current practices to enhance system reporting capabilities.
    • Evaluate how to record and document the Ebsco renewal invoice by format.
    • Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of adding a Standing Order/Continuation line item in the budget.
    • Institute procedures that would enable tracking encumbrances and anticipating the cost of ProCard and Standing Order acquisitions.
  • Work to be able to reconcile activity in the Voyager ACQ and PeopleSoft systems.