Special Collections

Special Collections

The collections highlighted here are shelved together and segregated from the Main Collection, or they were formed/acquired from grant funds.

Humanities in Medicine (HIM) Collection

The Humanities in Medicine Collection, established June 27, 2002, is a collaborative effort of the Worcester Medical Library and the Lamar Soutter Library. Its purpose is to emphasize the human aspects of healthcare through broad reading from the world's literature. It also strives to promote reading about the history, sociology and ethics of medicine. This collection is overseen by the Humanities in Medicine Committee.

Office of Medical History and Archives

Collections include the Rare Book Room, History of Medicine and Health Care Collection, Women in Medicine Collection, UMMS Authors Collection, and archival manuscripts and records.

Children’s Health Information Center

The Children’s Health Information Center is located on the second floor of the Benedict Building in the UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center. The collection includes books, pamphlets, and videos for parents about diseases of children, disabilities, normal and abnormal development, adolescence and more.

Professional Employees Collection

The Professional Employees Collection was suggested by the Staff Development Subcommittee of the Professional Employees Committee and purchased by the Lamar Soutter Library. Established in 2005, the collection consists of popular works in the areas of personnel management, leadership, organizational change and innovation, employee performance appraisal, the use of teams in the workplace, and other related topics.

UMMS Dissertations

The Lamar Soutter Library holds a copy of most of the more than 300 Ph.D. dissertations issued by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing.

Full-text for many UMMS Dissertations is available on eScholarship@UMMS.

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