Dr. Soutter's Volunteer Activities

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Dr. Soutter pictured with President Gerald Ford
Source: Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Library

The Chelsea Soldiers' Home
Source: Chelsea Soldiers' Home

Massachusetts Hospital School
Source: Massachusetts Hospital School
Dr. Soutter came back to Boston to work at Massachusetts General Hospital. He assisted Dr. Richard H. Sweet on the surgical staff there. He was also an attending surgeon or a consulting surgeon at several other hospitals in Boston, Salem, and Taunton. He became an instructor at Harvard Medical School, which began his formal career as an educator. During this time he published many papers on thoracic surgery and on blood plasma and blood banking.

Dr. Soutter not only kept busy with various clinical and educational endeavors, but also was very active in many volunteer medical organizations. The American Red Cross, the Boston Cancer Society, the National Easter Seals Society (see top photograph), and the Visiting Nurse Association were among the many organizations to which he devoted his clinical and managerial expertise. His tireless work for the Veterans Administration hospitals, such as the Chelsea Soldiers' Home, was renowned as was his work with children with physical disabilities at the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton, Massachusetts.

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