Archived Bylaws


We, the members of the Southeastern Massachusetts Consortium of Health Sciences Libraries (SEMCO), will, through cooperative efforts, provide information, education and support to its members for the continued advancement of libraries and librarians. We pledge to provide optimum service to our clientele, the staff or students of our respective institutions, and to the maximum extent possible to cooperate in the sharing of our resources.


Adopted September, 1985; Amended Sept., 1992; Amended Nov., 1999; Amended January, 2002; Amended Nov, 2007. Amended Nov. 2010

ARTICLE I - NAME The official name of the organization shall be Southeastern Massachusetts Consortium of Health Sciences Libraries; to be known as SEMCO.

ARTICLE II - OBJECTIVES The purpose of this organization is to: 1. cooperate in the exchange of information, ideas and resources. 2. provide educational programs and explore cooperative ventures for the benefit of the members. 3. encourage every member to take an active and responsible role. 4. be a resource for the professional development of members and an advocate for members in local and national professional organizations, within their institutional settings.

ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP A member is defined as the institution who meets the following eligibility requirements. All members of SEMCO as of September 1992 will be grandfathered into membership.

A. ELIGIBILITY 1. The institution shall have a librarian with an MLS degree or its equivalent employed for a minimum of twenty (20) hours a week devoted to library responsibilities. 2. The institution shall allocate a defined budget to cover library expenses with separate salary and supply portions. 3. Prospective members must submit a formal application which the consortium members will review. A quorum vote will be taken at the meeting following the presentation of the application. 4. Potential members may attend one meeting prior to submitting a membership application.

B. VOTING 1. All paid members shall have one vote. 2. A quorum shall be one-half (1/2) the current membership plus one. 3. Officers shall determine when a quorum vote is necessary. 4. On by-laws amendments and deactivation of members, ballots will be sent to all members.

C. DUTIES AND PRIVILEGES 1. All members are required to sign a cooperative agreement and to adhere to these bylaws. 2. Each member is expected to attend at least one meeting per consortium year. 3. Each member is expected to share resources as generously and promptly as possible. 4. No fees shall be charged for any library service among members. 5. Each member representing a hospital or healthcare based library is expected to update their holdings in Docline or other appropriate database. 6. Each member is responsible for hosting a meeting of the consortium on a regular rotating basis.

D. CHANGE IN STATUS When an institution's duties/ responsibilities as a consortium member cannot be met, when staffing within the institution has been modified so as to affect eligibility requirements, or when a library ceases to exist as stated in its original application, the membership status will be reviewed at the annual meeting. A two-thirds vote of the membership is required for deactivation.

E. DUES 1. All members shall pay dues annually. 2. Dues shall be assessed at the annual meeting for fiscal year Oct 1 - Sept 30. 3. Dues are payable by December of the fiscal year.

ARTICLE IV - OFFICES The officers of SEMCO shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

A. Election and Tenure 1. All members in good standing are eligible to hold office. 2. The term of office shall be two years. 3. The slate of nominees for office will be presented by a nominating committee one meeting prior to the annual meeting at which time nominations from the floor will be accepted. 4. Elections will be held at the annual meeting.

B. Duties of Officers 1. The Chairperson shall: a. preside at all meetings of the consortium; b. determine the agenda for each meeting; c. appoint members to committees or special projects; d. call special meetings; e. report to the membership on the status of SEMCO at the annual meetings; f. shall represent SEMCO at other professional meetings as required. g. Present the Disaster Agreement MOU for annual review 2. The Vice-Chairperson shall: a. be responsible for programs for each meeting; b. arrange for meeting locations; c. succeed to the Chair at the end of the term of office of the Chairperson and, in the absence of the Chairperson, assume the Chair. 3. The Secretary shall: a. record and send minutes of all meetings to members as soon as possible following meetings; b. receive a tentative agenda from the Chairperson and distribute it along with notice of next meeting three or four weeks prior to the meeting; c. be responsible for responding to SEMCO correspondence as directed by the Chairperson. 4. The Treasurer shall: a. collect all dues; b. keep records of membership and dues payment; c. pay SEMCO bills with the approval of the Chairperson.

ARTICLE V - MEETINGS A. There will be five (5) regular meetings per year. B. A tentative schedule of meetings and host libraries for the next year will be presented at the annual meeting. C. The annual meeting will be held in June at which time all records will be in order, dues will be assessed and officers will be elected and will assume duties at the conclusion of old business. D. Business of the organization requiring a vote of the membership, including by-laws changes, may be conducted by electronic methods, as deemed necessary by the Chairperson. A vote taken by electronic methods will have the same effect as a vote taken at a regular meeting.

ARTICLE VI - AMENDMENT OF THE BYLAWS These bylaws may be amended following the notification of proposed changes to all members. The changes shall be presented and discussed one meeting prior to the final vote. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership is necessary for passage.


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