UMMS Open Access Policy - More Information

UMMS Open Access Policy - More Information

Reason for the Policy

According to the University of Massachusetts Intellectual Property Policy for the Worcester Campus (T96-040, amended 2/4/04) the "… prompt and open dissemination of the results of research and creative work among scholars … is essential to the University's mission of education and research" and further, a "… primary goal of the University is the discovery and free dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of the public." The Faculty of UMass Worcester is dedicated to the widest possible dissemination to colleagues and to the public, or the products of their research and scholarly pursuits.

Traditional interactions between scientific publishers and faculty authors may impose limitations on the dissemination of published research or scholarly work.

Entities Affected by this Policy

This policy affects all Faculty of UMass Worcester and applies to all exempted scholarly work authored or co-authored, after implementation of this policy, while a member of the Faculty. This policy may be waived, at the discretion of the Faculty author(s), for any individual exempted scholarly work.


An electronic copy of the final, peer-reviewed, accepted-for-publication version of Faculty articles will be made available to the public in the online open access repository of UMass Worcester, at a time consistent with the rights held by the University. During an embargo period, when applicable, the article will be archived in the repository but will not be made available for online open access for the period of the embargo. The Faculty author(s) will provide the article to the Lamar Soutter Library at no charge and no later than the date of publication of the article.


UMMS Faculty Submits final peer-reviewed, accepted-for-publication version of articles to the online open access repository of UMass Worcester.
Lamar Soutter Library Maintains the digital repository of UMass Worcester and the UMass Worcester Open Access Policy website; trains and assists faculty with deposit as necessary.
Provost and Office of Faculty Affairs Oversees policy development and revision, including interpreting the policy, resolving disputes concerning its application and recommending changes as needed.
Faculty Council Provides guidance on policy, including recommending changes as needed.


  1. UMMS faculty-authored (author) article is accepted for publication.
  2. Author determines publisher's policy regarding placement of article manuscript into an institutional repository.
  3. Author deposits manuscript into the online open access repository of UMass Worcester via online submission system. If author waives the policy for the particular manuscript, s/he indicates this on the submission form.

Institutional Repository Librarian, Lamar Soutter Library, manages and/or oversees placement of article into the online open access repository of UMass Worcester.


Open Access Digital access to the scholarly journal literature that is made available without financial or legal barriers to the reader.
Digital Repository An online database offering worldwide access to the research and scholarly output of the University of Massachusetts Medical School community. The goal is to bring together all of the University's research under one umbrella, in full text whenever possible, in order to showcase, preserve, and provide access to that research. The online open access repository of UMass Worcester is administered by the Lamar Soutter Library.
Faculty Member Any full or part time person who holds an academic position, and thus serves as a member of the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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