Health Education & Advocacy Liaisons (HEAL)

Health Education & Advocacy Liaisons (HEAL)
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Types of Opportunities: 


Occupations Needed: 
Clinical Medical Students, Preclinical Medical Students, Public Health Workers. Undergraduates are also accepted into the internship program.
Medical Specialties: 
Central America
Countries Served: 
Language Requirements: 
Interns must be comfortable conversing in Spanish.
Time Commitment: 
Three months or less.

No program fee is charged. Estimated cost for a month-long internship: $1500-$2000. Cost breakdown: flight ($500-$800), housing ($500-$600), health coverage ($100-300), food, and transportation. Housing costs vary depending on the intern’s choice - most interns live in Sandy Bay with other medical volunteers. Other options exist in tourist-friendly West End. Food can range from $150+. Interns on a budget have been able to keep their month-long internship cost down to $1500.

No financial support is available for student interns.

Health Education & Advocacy Liasons (HEAL) internship gives volunteers the chance to work with physicians at the Roatán Volunteer Pediatric Clinic (RVPC) in Honduras. While on the island of Roatán, interns work in both clinical and research settings.

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