Medical Equipment - Borrowing

Borrowing Medical Equipment

Loan Policy

  • SOM students may borrow up to 1 of each of the following items at a time:
    • Stethoscope (5)
    • Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Set (5)
    • Tuning Fork (5)
    • Blood Pressure Kit (2)
  • Bring your Student ID with library barcode to the Library Service Point (LSP)
  • Instruments must be returned to the LSP within 24-hours of check-out
  • Students are responsible for proper cleaning and care of the devices. Keep all pieces and instructions together in the casing provided. Clean instruments before and after use. Alcohol wipes are available at the LSP
  • Any loss or damage should be reported to library staff within 24-hours of check-out. Students are responsible for the cost of any damage or replacement. Students will lose borrowing privileges until instruments are returned or replaced.
  • By borrowing these items from the library, you are agreeing to comply with this policy, and you are taking responsibility for any loss/damage to the equipment.

Last updated: 03/26/2015 13:18:21