Library and Learning Resources Committee

Library and Learning Resources Committee


Advises the director of the Lamar Soutter Library with regard to the selection, purchase and placement of library assets including books, journals, online services and teaching resources. Assists in the development of policies regarding photocopying, library access and fees.

Reports to: Faculty and Executive Councils

Term: 3 years

Current Members (2012-2013):

  • Chair: John M. Cooke, Ph.D., Cell Biology
  • Brian Akerley, Ph.D., Microbiology & Physiological Systems
  • Bruce Barton, Ph.D., Quantitative Health Sciences
  • Jason Chen, Ph.D., Medicine
  • Michael Francis, Ph.D., Neurobiology
  • Janet Hale, Ph.D., R.N., Graduate School of Nursing
  • Gang Han, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
  • Krista Johansen, M.D., Cell Biology
  • Praveen Koneru, M.D., Medicine
  • Yousaf Shaikh, M.D., Medicine
  • Jie Song, Ph.D., Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
  • Michael Tutty, MHA, Ph.D., Family Medicine & Community Health
  • Rebecca Zanconato, M.D., Anesthesiology
Worcester District Medical Society Representative:
  • Peter B. Schneider, M.D., Medicine & Nuclear Medicine
Ex-Officio Members:
  • Elaine R. Martin, D.A., Director of Library Services
  • Jane Fama, MSLS, AHIP, Associate Director
  • Mary Piorun, MSLS, MBA, AHIP*, Associate Director
  • Andrea Delaney, Ed.M., Information Services
*Alternate Member for Elaine Martin
Student Representatives:
  • Ava Chappell
  • Shivani Kumar
  • Rebecca Lumsden
  • Shadi Miri
  • Alfred Simkin
  • Emily Tsanotelis

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