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What About...? (Your chance to ask us questions)
Q. How can I get a copy of an article from a journal the Library doesn't subscribe to?
A. The Interlibrary Borrowing Department (ILB) will request materials from other libraries. The cost is $8.00. Photocopies of articles are typically received between 1 to 2 weeks. All requests are processed electronically within 24 hours to assure the quickest turn around time possible. Fax requests can have an article in your hands from within a few hours to a day. Prices for faxed articles vary, from $15.00 to $20.00.
Q. I frequently get a message in Netscape, 404 Not Found. What does that mean? Is there any way I can connect to this site?
A. According to PC Computing Magazine: "Break this error message by backtracking through the URL and deleting what's in front of the nearest slash. If the author hasn't included an index.html page, a list of pages will appear."
Q. It would be really helpful if I could have my MEDLINE print out in alphabetical order by the title of the journal. Can I do this?
A. Yes, using the OVID software,
Select Print Set.
Choose Options.
Select Primary Sort Order, and click on Modify.
Select Source.
Choose Ascending (will sort in A-Z order).
Click on OK, and then on OK again.
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