SoutteReview In This Issue
Welcome to the SoutteReview
Here it is: the first issue of our library newsletter, SoutteReview. Months of dreaming, hours of planning, tons of meetings, and here we are, ready to launch the first library newsletter.

SoutteReview is derived from the official name of our library, The Lamar Soutter Library. Founding dean and first chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Soutter was a decorated World War II veteran, a distinguished Boston surgeon, associate professor of surgery at Boston University Medical School, and founder of the blood bank at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Lamar Soutter retired as chancellor of the UMass Medical School in 1975, and died in 1996 at the age of 87.

Our aim is simple: we at The Lamar Soutter Library wish to offer you, the reader, information and perspective on the ever-changing nature of the world of biomedical information as seen through the collective eyes of our library personnel. For us, it is a great challenge.

Please let us know if we are meeting that challenge. We need your feedback and your perspective as we inaugurate a new era of the library. You may want to think of this effort as our way to reach out to you, our valuable patrons. Please keep us posted; we want to know.


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SoutteReview is an occasional publication of The Lamar Soutter Library
at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.