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Book Graphic The following are accounts by cancer survivors, offering us a humanistic perspective on this disease. Deviating from the approach of clinical texts, these books convey what it is like to look at (and live with) this affliction from the inside. In future issues of the SoutteReview, we'll showcase books on other physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. Whether a medical practitioner, patient, or layperson, we derive from such memoirs new insights, empathy, and strength, as we see ourselves as members of the human community. All items are available through The Lamar Soutter Library.
Bearison, David. "They Never Want to Tell You": Children Talk About Cancer (1991). Personal accounts by eight children.
Broyard, Anatole. Intoxicated by My Illness; and Other Writings on Life and Death (1992). Besides writing of his bout with prostate cancer, Broyard provides an overview covering the literature of memoirs on illnesses.
Clark, Edie. The Place He Made (1995). Set in New England, this reminiscence tells of the author's marriage to a man beset by misdiagnosed cancer.
Conway, Kathlyn. Ordinary Life: A Memoir of Illness (1997). How this psychotherapist coped with the onset of cancer three times in her forty-seven years.
Feldman, Gayle. You Don't Have to Be Your Mother (1994). About this magazine correspondent's battle against breast cancer, which had previously afflicted her mother.
Frank, Arthur. At the Will of the Body; Reflections on Illness (1991). A survivor of cancer and heart disease, this medical sociologist details the ways in which his experiences as a patient have given him a new perspective on his profession.
Ryan, Cornelius. A Private Battle (1978). His daily journal entries, in which he voices his inner fears and thoughts, as he battles cancer.
Trafford, Angela Passidomo. The Heroic Path: One Woman's Journey from Cancer to Self-Healing; How to Heal Yourself of Life-Threatening Illness, Find Your True Self, and Make Life Work! (1994). Uplifting account of how she used faith and optimism to battle breast cancer.
Wilson-Hashiguchi, Clo. Stealing the Dragon's Fire: A Personal Guide and Handbook for Dealing with Breast Cancer (1995). Perspectives from a woman and a man afflicted with breast cancer as well as views of an oncologist's daily work through his own eyes.
Yalof, Ina. Straight from the Heart: Letters of Hope and Inspiration from Survivors of Breast Cancer (1996). Six dozen letters, from women of various ages and walks of life, who are at differing stages of recovery.
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