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Details for Nineteen eighty-four

Title:Nineteen eighty-four
Author(s):Orwell, George
Publisher:New York : Knopf, 1992
Series:Everyman's library ; 134
Political Systems--Fiction
Notes:Variant Title: 1984
Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. xxv-xxvii).
Location: Humanities in Medicine
Call Number:PR 6029 O79n 1992
Annotation: In Orwell's classic anti-utopian satire, authoritarian power ruthlessly crushes individuality. The sinister government uses all pervasive propaganda, totally invasive surveillance, and mind warping torture to brutalize the proles. Losing their souls, the masses come to love Big Brother and abjectly serve the totalitarian state. Orwell's 20th century novel remains an eerily timely warning as the 21st century's repressive regimes continue to use the same psychological techniques so brilliantly dramatized in 1984.
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