New Hampshire Vermont BHSL Reporting Guidelines


To be done on a monthly basis:

1. Total all subheadings (i.e. items borrowed by your library from your primary network) on tally sheet.

2. Hold onto the monthly reports.


To be done every six months (January and July):

1. Total all subheadings for the six month period, i.e. January through June and July through December.

2. Send the master sheet only with the six months’ statistics to

Katie Doherty

Fortier Library

NH Community Technical College-Berlin

2020 Riverside Drive

Berlin, NH 03570

Phone: 603-752-1113, fax: 603-752-6335


The stats may be sent via fax, 603-752-6335; email, or the U.S.P.S.

3. Due dates: for January through June statistics: July 15th

for July through December statistics: January 15th

 Please feel free to call with questions!



    1. Use your consortium as a first source for interlibrary loans.  If you are an HSL-NH/VT member use your consortium, then HSL-NH/VT members before going out to BHSL libraries.

    2.  Maintain your Docuser information frequently, making changes as needed.

    3. Update your holdings information on a timely basis.  This will help the DOCLINE system route more accurately.

    4. If you belong to more than one consortium, report your statistics to one consortium only.

    5. If you are in doubt about whether a library is a participant consult SERHOLD, or, you may check Docuser on the Docline system to check consortium/BHSL membership.

    6. If your library is overburdened by requests, contact your consortium coordinator.  The coordinator will check your records and necessary adjustments can be made.

    7. Each participant in the network is required to complete the statistics form and send it to his or her coordinator by the 5th day of each month.  The coordinator is responsible for compiling statistics on a consortium-wide basis for all of its member libraries.

    8. Each member should check DOCLINE at least once per day in order to maintain timely action on requests.

    9. Requests to any one library should be limited to no more than two per day.

    10. All requests will be acted on within 24 hours of receipt.  Please forward requests you cannot fill as soon as possible.

    11. When requesting a fax, it is best to call the library to request it.

    12. Please be considerate and use common sense in interpreting these guidelines.  Remember that interlibrary loan is a privilege, not a right.