HSL - NH/VT NEWS Volume 11, no. 4 Winter 1999



Elements of our profession are changing. The quick growth and use of the Internet and the World Wide Web have increased the acceptance of new technologies, and our customers have come to expect rapid delivery of information resources. Health care professionals are able to make clinical decisions more speedily. Fax machines, Ariel, and full text online databases make it possible for librarians promptly to provide clinicians with literature which assists in patient care.

There are ways that we can utilize new technologies to assist in making timely, informed decisions in our profession. The Executive Board of the Health Science Libraries of New Hampshire and Vermont is working towards creating an HSL-NH/VT listserv, updating its web page, and introducing the quarterly newsletter in electronic format. (We will continue to publish the newsletter in print format for an undetermined period of time.) The HSL Board is optimistic that the listserv will enhance communication among its members, and will facilitate dissemination of information. We are fortunate to have the dedication and expertise within our organization to implement and update these electronic resources.

As we step into the new century and millennium, may we continue providing the fine services that define our profession, and may the new technologies allow our Association to enter this new era on a smooth course. While technology will continue to evolve, the essence of our profession will endure.

-- Anne Conner NE Vermont Regional Hospital St. Johnsbury, VT



It’s always sad when friends and colleagues move long distance from each other. Darryl Hamson’s relocation to Williamsburg, Virginia, is such an instance for those of us remaining in New England. We will miss the colleague, mentor and friend very much.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Darryl announced his intentions on Medlib-l. He also noted Parkland Hospital’s plans regarding the position of librarian, and OH! the resulting uproar is still reverberating! In part, Darryl’s message reads:

The hospital is not hiring a replacement. Library services will be provided by the Director of Health Information Services, Gage Hansen (603)421-2165; (He will be assisted, on a volunteer basis, by David Helton, a professional librarian.)

The responses came fast and furiously! Most librarians were incensed that Parkland will no longer maintain a librarian position. Some directed their anger at David Helton, the librarian who will be "giving it away for free." Other decried both circumstances equally.

We, Darryl’s local colleagues, have been exhorted to respond in many ways, to include charging Parkland for our interlibrary loan services, rejecting their requests, and even, conversely, bombarding them with requests. At a recent consortia meeting one librarian proposed removing Parkland from our Docline routing tables and having our hospitals removed from theirs. Another member suggested a wait and see attitude: if it becomes a problem, then we should deal with it.

In the past I have invited your input to this Newsletter. Today I implore you to think about this situation carefully and to send me suggestions as to how you are considering addressing it. Even if you intend to change nothing, I would appreciate hearing from you. Parkland’s decision not to fill the position is not an isolated one in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Do you feel our hospitals and academic centers are being asked to support the for-profit Parkland? Do you believe this is a threat to your librarian position? Do you see this as not a problem at all?

Will you change your routing table? Why or why not? Will you change your attitude toward filling Parkland’s requests? Why or why not?

Please send your considered responses to me via email or snail mail, and watch the March issue for comments. I hope to address our concerns, as you send them to me, with MLA.


-- Jan Silver, MA, AHIP Editor Health Sciences Library Southern NH Medical Ctr. 8 Prospect St./PO Box 2014 Nashua, NH 03061-2014



As State Representative to NAHSL, I report our state group’s concerns and activities at the NAHSL quarterly meetings, and in turn, it is my responsibility to inform members of our state group of relevant issues in which the NAHSL Board is involved. Since I was aware of some discussion lately between a few of our members about starting a listserv, I took the opportunity of the recent NAHSL Board gathering to inquire what had been the experience of other state groups with regard to using electronic media for state listservs, web sites, and newsletters. The response for an electronic format for communication with the states could not have been more favorable. They "could not live without" their listservs! As a result of this strong positive response, I suggested to the HSL Board that we seek a moderator for a listserv and a webmaster to update our web page and keep it current. Once these are in place, we could consider making our Newsletter available online.

At the December 3 meeting, I relayed to the Board that there had been some concern expressed in our area, that the Parkland Hospital in Derry was not planning to fill the vacancy (left by Darryl Hamson’s relocation) with a librarian, but that another hospital employee would continue to provide Docline service. The NAHSL Board felt that this was an issue to be handled in our consortia or state organization, and that if desired, the RML could provide support, such as a letter to the hospital administration. (SEE Jan Silver’s related Editorial in this issue.)

Now, on to some highlights of the NAHSL Board meeting…After some discussion about whether to proceed with the plan to send out a short version of the NAHSL Benchmarking survey due to MLA’s proposed benchmarking venture which is based on the NAHSL work, it was decided that there were still merits to following up on the earlier NAHSL questionnaire. The overall evaluation of the NAHSL 99 Conference scored 95% in the Excellent-Good rating. Len Levin, leading the Marketing Committee, intends to promote future continuing education offerings to other types of librarians. Norma Pellerin, from the Biomedical Libraries at Dartmouth, is our new NAHSL Newsletter editor. Barbara Ingrassia, from UMass Medical School Library, will be filling the Government Relations chairmanship. Joan Yanicke (, Credentialing Chair, on a crusade to encourage more librarians to seek the AHIP initials after their name, would be happy to explain the new (easier) requirements and to send timely e-reminders during the application process. John Stey announced the RML has filled the new position of regional Consumer Health Information Librarian. Pam White will be leaving Oregon to start her new job by the end of the year. Happy Copley, HSLIC representative, reported that the Maine state’s board has developed a Y2K contingency plan for library service! They are also working on a new interactive union list to include books and journals.

The following, in order of priority, are the NAHSL goals for YR 2000:

1.Consumer health information access 2.Benchmarking (Short Questionnaire) 3.Long term financial planning and investments for fiscal responsibility of NAHSL funds 4.Communication between NAHSL Committee members to avoid duplication of efforts and communication between NAHSL and other library organizations 5.Participation in IFLA 2001

-- Alice Reed, Exeter Hospital, NH



Recently, I found a solution to my problem of keeping those heavy medical texts in place on steel shelving. I’d tried numerous types of book ends and overhead wire supports in the past, but none really handled the job satisfactorily. Looking through the Gaylord Brothers catalog, I found three book supports that looked promising and their customer service representative offered to send me samples. Each has its advantages. The standard metal support, with a urethane base held books well. I did not care for one of the two shelf book support clips, but chose to purchase the other (No. 334 in the Gaylord catalog). It can’t be used on a bottom shelf with a thick base and it does take up 1 inches of shelf space, but a book can be returned easily without the need to lift and rearrange other books around it. We now have a more "upright" library!

-- Alice Reed Exeter Hospital, NH


What? Another newsletter? Afraid so. The NH Library Development Services Section (LiDS) at the State Library has launched an electronic newsletter, The Once and Future Librarian. The focus, of course, will be library development. If you would like to subscribe to this exciting new publication, please read the following instructions.

There are two listservs for subscribing to the newsletter. You can subscribe to either of them from any email account. The two listservs are:

1.ldsnews-text: full text of newsletter in email message, with no formatting; 2.ldsnews-web: table of contents of newsletter with hyperlinks to the LiDS web page for articles

Subscribe to ldsnews-text if you are using your NHAIS account (i.e., lilac). Subscribe to ldsnews-text if your email service will not allow you to open attachments or use hyperlinks. Subscribe to ldsnews-web if your email service allows you to open attachments and use hyperlinks. Ldsnews-web is easiest for us and for you, so if you are able to use it; please do so.

To subscribe to ldsnews-text: use the email account at which you wish to receive the newsletter; send an empty email message to:

(leave the subject line and the body of the message blank). You will automatically receive an electronic message from the list software. Reply to this message. You will receive a final message from the software confirming that you are subscribed.

To subscribe to ldsnews-web: use the email account at which you wish to receive the newsletter; send an empty email message to:

(leave the subject line and the body of the message blank). You will automatically receive an electronic message from the list software. Reply to this message. You will receive a final message from the software confirming that you are subscribed.

The maiden issue of The Once and Future Librarian is available at It includes items pertaining to an ALA learning disabilities initiative; db-l, an online electronic resources listserv; the Family Resource Connection; the statewide database licensing project; workshops at the NH State Library; and more. If you have any questions, please contact Katie McDonough at the State Library, 1-800-499-1232 x4/603-271-8520 or



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