Present at the Meeting:
Sally Andrews
Jona Bostwick
Marianne Burke
Phyllis Burke
Anne Conner
Mark Goldstein
Karen Goodman
Sheila Hayes
Claire LaForce
Joyce LeClerc
Karen Mathews
Robin Montibello
Alice Reed-Gorski
Jean Slepian
Gary Strubel
Gayle Hutchins-Tudisco
Stacy Wein
GeeGee Zaverson

Gayle Tudisco opened the meeting and Marianne Burke, chaired.

  1. GeeGee Zaverson motioned that the minutes from the June 1, 2007 minutes be approved, Gayle Tudisco seconded, motion carried.
  2. Karen Matthews presented the Treasurer’s Report. A short discussion included the membership list being processed via the finance committee, what will be done with lapsed members such as sending them a letter to see about their status, and contacting those who are on the NAHSL list in our region who are not HSL. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.
  3. Next the Committee Reports were discussed.
    Administration: Report was accepted. More members are needed for this committee. The committee also needs a coordinator. BHSL has been dissolved. The role of the Steering Committee was also discussed.
    Finance: Report was accepted. Membership continues to be processed through this committee. Sheila Hayes motioned that $1,000.00 in scholarship money be made available for HSL members going to either NAHSL or MLA. This will encourage members to go to these conferences especially for continuing education. GeeGee Zaverson seconded. The motion was carried.
    Communications: Report was accepted. A discussion about the two states and their differences took place which included the differences in the state and public libraries and their relationship to the Health Science Libraries. The position of Administration Committee Coordinator will be posted on the Web Page.
    Program: Gail Tudisco suggested that the HSL vary the locations of the meetings to encourage more members to attend.
  4. Old Business was a further discussion of the membership list and the need for coordinators for the committees. This will be addressed once the membership list is updated.
  5. New Business included a need for new business. Alice Reed-Gorski suggested that each committee coordinator have an assistant coordinator. Further discussion concluded that each coordinator could chose an assistant if needed for tasks that need to be completed.
  6. Clair LaForce gave a report on her new position as NAHSL Liaison. Report was accepted.
  7. Mark Goldstein representing the RML was present at this meeting to report on the Regional Advisory Counsel’s activities and especially the Hospital Library Subcommittee’s presentation at MLA in Chicago May, 2008. The subcommittee will be presenting in the MLA Nursing Section the concept of Jean Slepian’s play rewritten to cover the subject of MRSA. Sheila Hayes will present the concepts and Mark Goldstein (MA), Anne Fladger (MA), Margo Coletti (MA), and Barbara Davis (RI) will be doing excerpts from the Play – Nurse Practice Court. The number two RML initiative is EPP – Emergency Preparedness. The RML will framework a plan in two pieces 1. A response plan 2. A list of equipment needed to resume the flow of information. Mark talked about the benefits of a buddy system in the face of a disaster. There is a tool kit for dealing with disasters in development. The RML can walk a library hit by a disaster through the stages of recovery. Each local library must come up with its own plan. The RML will not store local plans. The RML will have several presentations on the EPP. In the near future the Maine Group is planning a table top disaster drill. Marks presented an update on Historical Collections. This will be for locally unique collections worthy of being preserved. Alice Reed-Gorski asked for clarification on the possibility of borrowing materials from this list. Mark reported that the RML Task Force on Historical Collections will make those decisions. Anne and Alice brought up the issue of historical items such as nursing caps, etc…. He concluded his talk with an update on the flexibility of the new Docline 4.0 especially in the area of going inactive. Each librarian can now enter as the library inactive. The NER RML will no longer have a newsletter, but a blog. In response to Mark’s report GeeGee brought up the issue of the back button not working when using PubMed. GeeGee also brought up the issue of what to do if requests go beyond the Routing Table. For the most part the NLM can usually fill these requests for cost or a library has to go directly to the publisher. Gail asked about license restrictions.
  8. Both presentations were well received: Erin Logsdon especially encouraged the use of a link resolver and Gary Strubel was encouraged to publish how he has adapted Share-point for his library.
  9. The Steering Committee met post meeting and Sheila Hayes is the coordinator of the Steering Committee. Marianne Burke provided Sheila with the Current Committee Coordinators List. Sheila will approach Jan Silver to be the Administration Committee Coordinator before posting the vacancy on the Web Site.