Present at this meeting held in Auditorium G of DHMC, Lebanon, NH:

Marion Allen, New Hampshire Hospital, NH

Sally Andrews, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, VT

Nancy Bianchi, UVM – Dana Medical Library

Jona Bostwick, VAMC, Manchester, NH

Marianne Burke, UVM – Dana Medical Library

Anne Conner, Littleton Regional Hospital, NH

Linda Ford, Little Regional Hospital, NH

Penny Glassman, NN/LM NER, Shrewsbury, MA

Sheila Hayes, Portsmouth Regional, NH

Claire LaForce, Rutland Regional, VT

Karen Lambert, Wentworth-Douglas, Dover, NH

Joyce LeClerc, Androscoggin Valley Hospital

Karen Matthews, National Center for PTSD, VA Medical Center, VT

Betsey Merrill, NVRH, St. Johnsbury, VT

Sheila Phillippe, UVM, Dana Medical Library, VT

Alice Reed-Gorski, Exeter Hospital, NH

Jean Slepian, Cheshire Medical Center, NH

Gary Strubel, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

Lara Thompson, Dartmouth, NH

Gayle Tudisco, Elliot Health Care, NH

Stacy Wein, Copley Hospital, VT

GeeGee Zaveson, North Country Hospital,


Sitting in very a very comfortable auditorium with gentle lighting the meeting began at 10:01 AM with Marion Allen opening with a welcome to Gary Strubel from Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. Gary shared his very interesting background as a librarian and his part time ministry.  Thanks to Anne Connor for setting up the meeting.  Sheila Phillippe would welcome latecomers to the meeting so the meeting could get started.


The minutes of the September 15, 2006 meeting were accepted: motion by Marianne Burke, seconded by Clare LaForce, motion carried.


The Treasurer’s Report included a discussion of the need for the HSL name to be on the checks.  GeeGee Zaveson motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Betsey Merrill seconded, the motion was carried.


The Administration Committee Report brought on various issues:

1.         Finance Committee needs members.

2.         What amount would be available for scholarships to NAHSL and Professional Development $500.00 or $1,000.00.

3.         Should there be an HSL Fall meeting?

4.         In the future what does the HSL want for Programs.

A lively discussion that included all attendees, over these topics developed that concluded in suggesting that the committee coordinators meet more often in either an on-line format or in a conference to facilitate discussion of the direction of the HSL.  The committee coordinators would meet directly after this meeting for the first time. It was suggested that this committee be called the Steering Committee.

The matter of a fall meeting was concluded with meeting off-site from NAHSL since all the rooms were booked for NAHSL.  Members would be notified of when and where.  The HSL meetings are important for face-to-face discussions affecting all the HSL.


In the matter of the amount of the scholarship Marianne Burke suggested that it be 10% of the budget. Sheila Hayes motioned that $1,000.00 be the amount and Alice Reed-Gorski seconded and the motion was carried.


The Communications Committee report was given. There will be a sharing by those who attended MLA in Philadelphia in May, 2007. The following HSL members attended MLA:

Nancy Bianchi

Jona Bostwick

Marianne Burke

Anne Conner

Linda Ford

Sheila Hayes, Portsmouth Regional, NH

Claire LaForce, Rutland Regional, VT


Program and Education Committee Report included Nancy Bianchi stressing that the auditorium needed to be booked soon for the spring meeting.


The Consortia Report was presented.  The active consortia are now The North Country Consortium.


Penny Glassman reported that the NER was on its second five-year contract as of May 1, 2007. In the first contract 1288 training sessions were conducted and 1300 people attended.  Penny also reported on grants that were awarded including Littleton Regional Hospital.


Betsey Merrill reported that she will no longer be the NAHSL representative after the end of the year.  It was concluded that the “Steering Committee” would nominate someone to be the NAHSL representative.  Betsey discussed the pros and cons of being the NAHSL representative. There is money for travel and lodging, but there is travel involved and time out of a busy work schedule.


The most important new business is that one person seems to be running the program for the HSL.  It is hoped that the new committee of coordinators can alleviate some of the pressure and give the HSL new direction.

The NHSL program was discussed and a handout was provided.


Sheila Phillippe motioned to adjourn the meeting Nancy Bianchi seconded and the motion was carried.


The presentations and MLA sharing were excellent.